Making Cleansing an Experience!

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Suhi & Sego is a personalised skincare brand where we co-create your remedy for you based on your skin and lifestyle. Simply answer our questionnaire and get set for your custom remedy.

Why we’re different?

Have dry skin that’s acne-prone? Oily skin that feels dull? Your skin is your skin, so we meet your needs and create a blend just for you—using a curated selection of our list of game-changing ingredients. 

You’re as unique as your formula.

What? Dew Face

Why? You need to be drenched in hydration.

How? Hyaluronic acid (Hydrator), Green Tea Extract (Antioxidant), Glycerin (Moisturizer), Theobroma Cacao Extract (Mood booster)

What? Acne Star

Why? You need to mattify + soothe.

How? Hyaluronic acid (Hydrator), Cinnamon Bark Extract (Astringent), Turmeric Extract (Anti-inflammatory agent), Theobroma Cacao Extract (Mood booster)

Our Promises

1. Free delivery

2. 100% Satisfaction guarantee

3. 95% Naturally Derived

4. Reusable glass bottle

5. Pump for easy dispensing