Night Serum & Night Cream Duo

The ultimate night time duo to rejuvenate your skin, giving you that well rested glow.

Super Star Night Serum: Experience intense hydration, brightening and skin repair with this water-based serum. Packed with potent actives and extracts that combat pigmentation and fine lines, this fragrance-free serum absorbs seamlessly, leaving behind no tackiness.

Super Moon Night Cream: Indulge in this barrier-building recovery cream, designed to deeply nourish and repair your skin overnight. Its' buttery texture melts into your skin, restoring your barrier and addressing fine lines and wrinkles. Wake up with a radiant morning glow.

Key Ingredients

Nona-Peptide - An excellent healer, Nona-peptides repair the skin by increasing its elasticity. It is also an excellent protective agent against premature aging caused by everyday stress.

Rosa Damascena Extract (COSMOS) - A perfect antidote to environmental stressors affecting the skin. It reduces fatigue & evens out the skin tone for an illuminated complexion

Hyaluronic Acid - The ultimate hydrator, it moisturizes the skin by replenishing cell moisture. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and plumps the skin

Liquorice Root Extract - Brightens skin by diminishing dark spots and offers anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing and evening out the complexion.

Valerian Root Extract - Valerian extract is prized for its calming effects on both skin and wellness, aiding in reducing stress-induced skin irritations while also promoting relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Aquaxyl - Aquaxyl acts as a hydration shield by boosting the circulation of water in the skin. It delivers intense and long lasting hydration while strengthening the skin barrier.

How to Use

Follow these easy steps to maximize the benefits of your Night Serum and Night Cream:

  1. Begin by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser.
  2. Dispense one dropper-full of the Night Serum and gently press it into your skin, allowing it to absorb.
  3. For the Night Cream, take a pea-sized amount and massage it evenly across your face, using soothing upward strokes.