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Extraordinary skincare starts with you. Which is why we like to get to know you and your skin through a series of simple questions.

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We study your unique profile, lifestyle choices, personal preferences and exposure to environmental stressors to find you your perfect formulations.

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We pair you with a formula and custom routine that your skin actually needs. Our formulations are bottled fresh to order with clean ingredients.

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With love,
from grandma

All our skincare wisdom has been passed down to us from our grandma. She’s the reason our formulations work. Her years of research spent studying the therapeutic powers of plants, flowers and herbs and experimenting with homemade concoctions, have become the stuff of legends with friends and family.

Suhi & Sego wants to carry this family legacy forward and share our grandma’s love for self-care and her profound regard for nature and its healing secrets with everyone.

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We believe in nature and science and our products combine the best of both. Designed to be over 95% naturally derived, each of our formulations are made using clean, responsibly sourced natural ingredients and safe synthetics.

Our ingredients are sourced from around the world and are thoughtfully picked to counter skin challenges caused by lifestyle and environmental stressors. Our adaptogens and herbal extracts are clinically tested for their efficacy and work hard to bring your skin back to a state of balance and well-being.

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Our products are not mass-produced or factory-made. We only produce and bottle to order. This keeps us from wasting precious resources and ingredients.

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Our bottles, cartons and shipping materials are planet friendly. While our bottles are made from glass and can be reused and repurposed, our cartons and shipping sleeves are 100% biodegradable.

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Our ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced. In our commitment to clean beauty, we say no to the use of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates in our products.

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Real words, real customers

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I’ve been using Suhi & Sego products for over a month now and I’m absolutely obsessed! I have super dry and sensitive skin, made even more so by a very strong prescription of Tretinoin for acne, but Suhi & Sego’s night cream has been a total blessing! It’s so super moisturising and calming, and has made my skin so happy after so long! its heavenly smell is an added bonus.

Bhumika Gupta

I really love the Suhi and Sego facial cleanser! I've never been a big skincare person, but the custom cleanser is fantastic and I find myself using it everyday. It feels great on my skin & leaves me feeling fresh after as well; it just goes to show that the custom skincare formulas from the team really do work and have an impact. I've definitely noticed a difference since using the product. I can't wait to try other Suhi and Sego products

Ravi Popat

I carried my suhi & sego rose water face toner to Russia with me. It was so cold there and I used it every single day and night and I genuinely think that saved my skin from becoming too dry in the winter weather! I was using the Kama rosewater everyday after my vit c serum in the morning and now I only use Suhi & Sego!

Likhita Nimmagadda

Honestly, the products are the best I have used so far. In particular I use the day cream, toner, and face wash. Given I have oily skin and have long suffered from acne - this cream has worked wonders. It keeps my skin moist while ensuring it doesn’t make my skin look oily.

Aseem Jain

The cleanser and toner have become a holy grail for me!! They leave my skin feeling so fresh and clean. They’ve become an essential part of my daily routine. I can’t wait to try more products from suhi & sego!

Ritika Shah

The cleanser is so good that my girlfriend stole it!

Shivam Maheshwari

The silkiest under eye cream ever! It glides on and leaves your eyes feeling super refreshed and awake. And if that wasn’t enough it has the freshest smell too! I’m addicted.

Devki Kapur

I absolutely loved the under eye cream and how soothing it is, I can tell the difference in how well it helps control my under eye puffiness. One of the first products that has actually worked after having gone through an innumerable amount of others.

Mahima Mahajan

This day cream is my current day cream and I find it perfect for my dry skin. It’s rich but not thick, moisturising but not suffocating. I like that it leaves my skin soft and dewy.


Really loved the face wash especially how it removes excess oil yet leaves the face feeling extremely moisturised and soft. The face mist is also amazing and is very refreshing to use. It instantly helps calm the skin!

Yuvraj Mahajan

The night serum‘s texture feels amazing on my skin after washing my face! It’s so comfortable to wear and is moisturizing without being heavy on the skin. Highly recommend for everyone looking for a soothing serum!! I even use it in the morning if my skin is feeling dry or irritated.

Jahnvi Garg

I just wanted to let y'all know that i absolutely love your cleanser. I'm onto my third bottle and i don't think i will switch to another brand any time soon. It's the most perfect gentle cleanser.

Hitanshi Shethia

I'm almost done with my 2nd tub of the day cream (going in for the 3rd soon) and almost done with my 1st tub of the eye cream. I love love the day cream's consistency/texture and it moisturises without making your skin feel heavy. I also use it as a make up base sometimes cause its so smooth and nice. And i love the glass packaging - i was never a fan of skincare in plastic tubs.

Shipra Vinay

I went on my honeymoon to the Maldives and my skin barrier was extremely sensitized and dry. I used the Suhi & Sego night serum & night cream last night and today morning it's so so much better already.

Taarini Marwaha

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