Here’s Why You Need A ‘Night’ Serum

Here’s Why You Need A ‘Night’ Serum

Here’s Why You Need A ‘Night’ Serum

We live in an era where there’s a plethora of information available on building skincare routines, through skincare bloggers or even a simple google search. So, the fact that everyone has an elaborate skincare regime doesn’t come as a surprise. And it’s not just just the bloggers or the netizens, but most of the people around you are on top of their routines for the day time (AM) and nighttime (PM). 

Don’t believe us? Take a quick peep into your vanity and you’ll know what we mean.

While there’s no doubt that a basic CTM (cleanse-tone-moisturise) routine is effective, there’s no denying that the skin needs a boost of rejuvenation during the night — the time when the skin is in an auto-renewal mode. This is why you’ll find beauty enthusiasts adding several steps to their PM routines, for good.

Why & How Is The Night Time Routine Different?

Your skin is considerably less submissive to environmental aggressors in the night versus the day. During the day, you’re exposed to UV, pollution, dust and other environmental stressors. And, that’s exactly why a daytime skincare routine is loaded with more protective ingredients like vitamin C, sunscreen, antioxidants, etc. On the other hand at night, you’re tucked into your clean bed and in a very controlled environment. Therefore, your night-time skincare routine is big on repairing your skin with barrier strengthening and collagen boosting ingredients like peptides and oils.

Also, certain actives can cause adverse reactions if exposed to the sun; the night is therefore the perfect time for them to do their magic. 

And so, comes a Night Serum

Ever since K-beauty became a thing, we’ve been crushing over skin serums — of all kinds and textures — to soak our skin in a blissful puddle of hydration. While a vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serum works well during the day, your skin needs (and deserves) more during the night. Enter: night serums.

How is it different from the AM ones? The ingredients, mainly. While your skin gets some natural auto-renewal action, a night face serum’s ingredient list boosts that process. 

In our Night Serum for example, the key ingredients defer based on your skin analysis, but there are some of the ingredients that will always be present in your Serum.

🌹 Rosa Damascena Extract: This ingredient from France is COSMOS certified & clinically proven to reduce visible signs of skin fatigue for a more relaxed, refreshed appearance. It smooths out fine lines and also evens out skin tone.

💦 Hyaluronic Acid: We use a superior form of hyaluronic acid that is both ECOCERT and COSMOS. The particle size of this one is smaller making it even more effective to hydrate and plump your skin.

〰️ Sh-Nonapeptide-4: This is the ingredient that will help your skin repair & heal. It increases skin elasticity, and protects against premature ageing caused by everyday stress.

☘️ Glutathion, Arbutin, Kojic Acid: This blend of ingredients will help with the brightness of your skin. They’re formulated to be gentle yet super effective.

The Suhi & Sego Night Serum is like an all rounder serum that helps illuminate, hydrate and repair you skin 🌟 Your skin will be more even toned, more plump and its a great first “anti-aging” serum.

So, contrary to popular belief, a night serum isn’t gimmicky; it’s a well-thought and well-curated product to accelerate the skin renewal process while you have a good night’s sleep.

Go get your customised night serum that’s formulated based on your skin’s needs and goals for maximum results.