Skin Hydration vs Moisturisation—What’s the difference?

Skin Hydration vs Moisturisation—What’s the difference?

Skin Hydration vs Moisturisation—What’s the difference?

Wondering what the difference is between skin hydration and moisturisation? Find out here.

Skin hydration and moisturisation are the two most important things to focus on for healthy and supple skin. And no, they’re not the same thing. Your skin can be either dry or dehydrated, or both at the same time, and that’s why you need to figure out the different types of skincare required for each. If you think your dull and dry skin isn’t getting any help from moisturiser, you may be in desperate need of some skin hydration. If you’re confused as to what we’re talking about, let’s decipher the two.

The difference between skin hydration and moisturisation

The difference between skin hydration and moisturisation is simple. Skin hydration refers to a product providing the necessary hydration or water to the skin, and moisturisation refers to the product locking in moisture and stopping your skin from losing the water.

The ingredients that provide skin hydration are ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerine and aloe vera. These help draw water and increase the water content in your skin. Moisturisers on the other hand contain ingredients that improve the skin's barrier function and make it easier to lock in moisture. These include ingredients such as shea butter, petrolatum, silicone derivatives, lanolin, lecithin, and others.

So basically, what we’re trying to say over here is that skin hydration makes your skin feel supple and plump, and moisturisation locks in that softness.

What does your skin need— skin hydration or moisturisation?

Well, your skin needs both skin hydration and moisturisation. But just in case you think the equations to your skincare routine needs some recalculation, then you may need to know the following things:

  • Your skin may be dehydrated if it has lost its suppleness, seems dull, or wrinkles and sagging skin are more obvious than usual. This is when you need skin hydration.
  • If your skin is dry or appears flaky in some areas, then the moisture content isn’t being locked. This is when you need moisturisation.

And if your skin has all of these symptoms, then you need to hydrate as well as moisturise your skin. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate products with skin hydration and moisturisation in your routine, take this skincare quiz by Suhi & Sego.

Additional tips to hydrate and moisturise your skin

  • Stay hydrated by drinking adequate water
  • Use products with hyaluronic acid for skin hydration
  • Use humectants; they attract water and draw it into the skin
  • For intense moisturisation, incorporate thick occlusives; they also prevent TEWL
  • Use hydrating products first & then go in with moisturising products (thinnest to thickest consistency)

Products that can help with skin hydration and moisturisation

We all know that we need to drink water and eat food containing water to receive proper skin hydration and moisturisation. However, topical products can make the world of a difference in your hydration and moisturisation game. Here are a few products that are highly recommended for dull and dehydrated skin.

Not stripping your skin’s healthy oils from the face is the first step towards building a strong hydration and moisturisation game. Hence, you must invest in a hydrating, non-stripping face cleanser. To hydrate the skin and boost water level in your skin, use a lightweight serum in your routine.

For the day time, you need a day cream that acts as a protectant against harmful environmental aggressors. The Dew Face Day Cream should be on the top of your list because its a hydrating lightweight cream that is packed with antioxidants. It's excellent to lock in skin hydration and to boost the performance of your SPF.

Use the Super Moon Night Cream at night to repair and heal your skin. It's enriched with peptides, super-oils & potent botanical extracts to improve the skin's barrier function and prevent TEWL. 

Skin hydration and moisturisation are critical for maintaining a healthy skin barrier and preventing the skin from losing its suppleness, so remember to focus on both of these factors to achieve your best skin yet.