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Lightweight, not tacky, absorbs quickly, gentle AND brightens the skin! Cant get any better than this. And the fact that it’s customised to my skin and needs… There’s nothing bad to say about this serum. GET THIS PEOPLE.

Shreya N.

Suhi and Sego is probably the only Indian brand that I am come to love so much after just one day of use. I bought everything as I was looking to try something new for my skin. I began washing my face with the dew face cream cleanser as my skin is extremely dry, like chronically dry. I was blown away because after washing my face, it literally glowed and I thought that maybe it’s just because I’ve washed my face but no each time I looked it the mirror I noticed the glow. I followed with the day cream and was very very happy with the quality. They very kindly sent me a sample of their under eye cream and I am obsessed with how luscious it is, I love thick under eye creams and I am so happy to see that homegrown brands are offering exceptional standards that were I normally found if foreign brands like La Mer etc. I also enjoyed the toner and felt super vibrant and refreshed. Followed up with the super star night serum and my skin feel super happy, fresh and the glow is undeniable. Somehow form using the cleanser to the night routine, my skin feel better and looks wayyyyy better too. I am impressed and excited to take this journey with the new products. Another exceptional product was the body cleanser…divine is the only word that comes to my mind. And I loved the body lotion which I haven’t stopped using, the fragrance of exceptional. Bought the candle aswell and my home has been fragrant like a garden in bloom smelling of pears and roses.


Night Serum

Tanya R.
Night serum

It’s the bestest serum I have used until now. I can’t stop raving about it more. A1 since day 1

Been recommending it to every single person I come across. Absolutely a magic.

Hitanshi S.
The only serum you need 🙌

I wouldn’t be lying if I said this is one serum I would happily always repurchase. The way it gives your skin that lit from within glow, it’s unreal. My skin would be irritated from too much sun exposure and this is the only thing that would calm it down. There’s no other potion out there that my skin loves so much. I would never want to run out of the Super Star Night Serum. It’s completely deserving of the rave reviews it gets.